Nourishing Bonner County, One hungry child at a time.

At Food For Our Children our mission is simple: put nutritious food in the hands of local children in need. With your help, we can give the children of Bonner County the best start possible. Food For Our Children raises funds to feed hungry children in Bonner County.

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hunger in our community

In the fight against childhood hunger, statistics place Bonner County as one of the hardest hit areas in Idaho. With poverty levels on the rise, along with the current economic situation, the need of our local children has never been greater.

Ask any local educator or daycare provider, and they will tell you the same thing: kids are going home to empty pantries and uncertainty around their next meal. They will also tell you that a hungry child is a child who is not ready to learn.

The effects of food insecurity go beyond hunger: it prevents kids from reaching their full potential. A child without access to proper nutrition is more likely to miss school due to illness, has a decreased attention span, and lacks the enthusiasm for learning of their peers.

Hunger is an epidemic that threatens children’s futures and the futures of Bonner County and all of Idaho.


Let’s Solve This

  • In the US, over 11 million children face hunger every day. *
  • 16.3% of Bonner County children are food insecure. *
  • Every day there are over 1500 hungry children in our community. *
  • One in five children in our area do not have adequate access to food.
  • 26.4% projected 2020 rate of food insecurity due to COVID-19
* USDA Economic Research Service, 2018

But childhood hunger is solvable.

Food For Our Children wants to end childhood hunger in Bonner County and help put children on positive paths to success. With absolutely no overhead costs, 100% of all donations go to feed hungry children in Bonner County.

With your help, we can make a difference.

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Our purpose

To eliminate hunger in Bonner County, Idaho.

Costs of Hunger

The costs are much more than an empty stomach.

How to Help

We would love your help – donations, your time, your care.

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Rotary Gives $20K To Help Feed Area Youth

Rotary Gives $20K To Help Feed Area Youth

Bonner County Daily Bee SANDPOINT — With more than 1,600 local kids who go hungry each day, Food For Our Children aims to eliminate childhood hunger in the community. To aid the nonprofit in that mission, the Rotary Club of Sandpoint presented FFOC with a check for...

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101 Women Sandpoint Awards FFOC $10,000

101 Women Sandpoint Awards FFOC $10,000

On October 30, 2017 the members of 101 Women Sandpoint awarded their Fall grant of $10,000 to Food For Our Children and in doing so, enabled 2500 weekend bags of food to go home with hungry children!

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